Dr. Tice teaches manners to the 2023 Iowa Dairy Princesses

Ready, Set... Time to Say Please and Thank You Again.

The State Dairy Princess contest is an event near and dear to Dr. Tice’s
heart. Her cousin Judy was the State Dairy Princess many years ago. Love of
agriculture, specifically dairy… is a very special one. The princesses can
not only handle a dairy cow, they are strong, competent and filled with
hope. It’s a win-win. Best of luck to all of the young ladies and their
wonderful parents. 

Dear Dr. Tice,

My daughter Ashley and I would like to thank you so much for your presentation of manners and etiquette at the Iowa Dairy Princess event. You explained things so well and made the subject matter enjoyable and understandable.

You have an open and friendly personality and I wanted to let you know how comfortable we were asking questions and approaching you after your presentation. I personally felt at ease using your table etiquette this morning with breakfast. Our table followed what you taught us to, and I especially noticed that we all waited for the “unspoken” matriarch of the table to open her napkin and silverware before the rest of the table followed! 

Thank you for making manners and etiquette an attainable and usable skill and presenting in a way the young adults in the competition could use and feel comfortable teaching others.

I hope you will join us for future competitions!

Kristi and Ashley Elsbernd